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Shelly Zucker Jewelry, founded by Shelly Zucker in 2009, is a self-made business built from the ground up. Shelly grew up in Antwerp - a world of diamonds, jewelry and fine art, where she drew inspiration from. Following her formal art studies in the UK, Shelly furthered her education in Florence and completed her final degree in Art History in Tel Aviv whereafter she began her own personal jewelry line collection. 

Her dedication and commitment toward fine art is demonstrated through her unique, bespoke and hand crafted pieces. Her signature, delicate and timeless tough-feminine style is seen throughout her continuously evolving collection. 

Shelly says "women today want to be wearing something special that can be worn year after year without it going 'out of fashion'. My pieces are timeless, and share a similar but unique look allowing my clients to layer different pieces whenever and however they want, and still feel like like the piece is made for them and them only. Many clients personalise pieces and enjoy the process of being involved with the design of their own special piece". 

Shelly's clients come from near and far, some being based in - London, Paris, Monaco, Switzerland, Moscow, New York and Tel Aviv. 

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